How to update your H5000 Graphic / Triton2 Display

To perform a software update on the H5000 Graphic/Triton2 Display, the procedure is as follows:

To upgrade the Graphic/Triton2 Display software to the latest version save the “.upd” file (upgrade file) to a USB memory stick. (Must be FAT or FAT32 format, NTFS is not supported)

  1. Download the software and unzip the file if applicable.
  2. Save the “.upd” file to the root menu of a USB Stick.
  3. Turn off power to the Graphic/Triton2 Display
  4. Remove the service port cap on the rear of the display by unscrewing it anti-clockwise using a suitable coin

  1. Place the USB stick into the USB port
  2. Turn on power to the Graphic Display
  3. The display will automatically recognise the “.upd” file and begin the update the process
  4. The display will show a message indicating the software upgrade is in progress

  5. The display will show a message once the software upgrade is complete.


  1. Remove the USB stick, the Graphic/Triton2 Display will automatically reboot
  2. Replace the service port cap

The product is now updated to the latest software.