Zeus2 Glass helm

Zeus² Glass Helm

Dual-Screen Multifunction Navigation System

Zeus² Glass Helm is a super-fast, smart dual-screen multifunction navigation system for large cruising and performance sailboats. It blends bespoke, sail-specific features with a dual independent output, quad core high-power processing and intuitive multi-touch control.

Glass Helm

Lightning Fast Charting, Radar and Sonar


At the heart of the Zeus² Glass Helm system is a quad core high-power processor which delivers lightning fast charting, radar and sonar. The bright, low profile glass bridge displays feature multi-touch and pan to zoom.

Available in 16″ and 19″ models, the Zeus² Glass Bridge displays integrates with even the largest of luxury helm stations.

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Award-winning sailing features

Zeus² is packed full of innovative sailing features. Select a feature to learn more:


The SailSteer screen combines key sailing data such as Heading, Wind, Laylines, and Tide into one clear, easy to read display. Advanced features include Wind Angle Target indicator and Wind Shift Sectors.


Navigation data is calculated via laylines, rather than a simple straight-line waypoint to waypoint route, which is rarely followed by sailors.

Sailing Time

Sailing Time calculates actual sailing time to a waypoint via Laylines rather than a straight line route, which is rarely used by yachts and sailing boats.


RacePanel from B&G provides proven race features for your Zeus² chartplotter: Start Line, Start Line on Chart, Race Timer, Windward/Leeward Course Builder & What If?

GoFree Wireless Compatible

Add a Wi-Fi 1 unit to your Zeus² Glass Helm network and unlock a whole host of features for your chartplotter. Download and upload charts, software updates and apps directly to your Zeus² . View and control your Zeus² from your smartphone or tablet from almost anywhere on your yacht with the GoFree Controller App .

Glass helm

Choice of cartography

B&G supports a large variety of third-party mapping products, including C-MAP, Navionics, Insight, NV Digital and more.

Easy to read, with all the vital safety information you need, Zeus² cartography options range from micro SD cards for your region to Insight Genesis Social Maps and charts that can be downloaded immediately from the GoFree Shop – so whatever your requirements, we’ve got you covered.

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