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Volvo Ocean Race: Leg 1 wrap up

Leg 1 – Alicante to Lisbon and the podium goes to : Vestas 11th Hour. They showed solid speed throughout the Leg and good decision making ensuring they led the gybes early on and believed in the their decisions and it paid off to give them a tidy lead. Ready Libby’s wrap up of Leg 1 here.

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Leg1 Decisions

After the boats have done the inshore lap of sausage triangle for the spectators of Alicante the teams will be locking into offshore mode sailing and boat speed, as they set off in 13-16 KT NE .
Breaking the Leg down in to three parts we can see where there might be potential splits and focal points in the race.

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Leg 0 – The Final Part

As the teams rest for 24hours we look ahead to the final part of Leg 0 from St Malo to Lisbon. The parts of Leg 0 so far have provided a number of different aspects from a short world record breaking lap of the Isle of Wight to some incredibly intense and close longer distance races. St Malo to Lisbon steps up again with just over 800 nm.

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Leg 0 continues…

Just 56 seconds separated the first two Volvo Ocean Race boats in the Rolex Fastnet Race so every little gain that can be made counts as Leg 0 continues. Libby takes a look at what points in the race could determine the winners and losers.

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Leg 0: Part 2 – The Fastnet

The next part is the Fastnet Race. The first initial opportunity for the boats to race against each other offshore, but it is still a sprint for these boats and incredibly coastal. At 608nm the Fastnet will be a good representation of how the Volvo Ocean Race will start and end with the shorter legs between Alicante-Lisbon, Cardiff-Gothenburg and Gothenburg- The Hague.

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Leg 0 Line Up – Round The Island for the VOR65s

As Cowes Week progresses on, Wednesday looks set to be BIG. The wind continues to build and the more recent warm and really not British summer weather has been replaced by more typical conditions. This will no doubt see a war of attrition amongst the Cowes Week sailors, but it is also the first time the Volvo Ocean Race boats line up against each other; the Solent is a challenging enough race area but the forecasted weather is set to make it even more challenging.

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