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Zeus Touch Software Update - GPS Week Rollover

Zeus Touch Software Update - GPS Week Rollover
Release Date: 10 April 2019

Ahead of the GPS Week Rollover that commenced on 6th April, we identified a firmware issue with a third-party GPS chipset used in some legacy B&G® displays that causes the date and time values to be incorrect.

This is not only important to users who use date/time as overlays and in data bars, but is also an important update since the date/time value drives tide table data, which when incorrect could compromise safe navigation in some instances.

Find out more about the GPS Rollover here

Download the update file for your Zeus Touch device below.

Update Procedure:

  1. Power off MFD
  2. Copy file to MicroSD card
  3. Insert MicroSD card to card slot
  4. Power on MFD
  5. You will be presented with an option list - use the rotary knob to select the update file and press ENTER
  6. The MFD will now run the update process
  7. Once complete, remove MicroSD card from slot
  8. MFD will power off
  9. Power on MFD


Units with the Yellow Wire Connected

  1. With the MFD powered up, insert MicroSD card into Card Slot
  2. Press MENU key twice to bring up PAGES / TOOLS / SETTINGS
  3. Select TOOLS then FILES
  4. Select Memory Card, then select the update file
  5. Select Upgrade
  6. The MFD will reboot and bring up the option list as above. Follow the same steps to update the unit.


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