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WTP3 Software Update

The latest software package for the WTP3 provides full compatibility with B&G’s H5000 range of Displays and Sensors, including:

  • H5000 Graphic Display
  • H5000 Race Display
  • H5000 HV Displays (10/10HV, 20/20HV, 30/30HV, 40/40HV)
  • H5000 High-Resolution Barometer
  • H5000 3D Motion Sensor

The WTP3 continues to support the existing WTP3 Analogue Module and WTP3 Serial Module along with B&G and 3rd party products supported by the previous version of software.

As well as H5000 support, the following fixes have also been implemented:


  • Fixed an issue that caused the WTP3 to crash in certain circumstances after several hours of operation when executing javascripts on the WTP3.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Cross Track Error (XTE) to be calculated incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue when adjusting the True Wind Damping value from Deckman
  • Fixed an issue that caused a divide by zero resulting in a system crash
  • Fixed an issue with Deckman accessing MHU calibration files when running with multiple Mast Head units connected to the system
  • Correctly decode Magnetic Variation and GPS Status from a NMEA2000 GPS Source


  • B&Gs Fastnet Displays are still supported with this update
  • WTP3 v2.0 does not support CAN network baud rates other than the 250kbit industry standard to ensure full H5000 compatibility; this is a change from the previous version
  • There are some changes to the network topography rules to ensure that source selection is carried out correctly, refer to your B&G WTP3 specialist
  • H5000 Serial Expansion and H5000 Analogue Expansion modules are not compatible, use the specific WTP3 modules for this purpose

For More Information:

Please contact B&G directly on racing@bandg.com for more details and support with this software update

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Last UpdatedMarch 24, 2017