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Triton² Software Update

The latest software package for Triton² provides enhancements and fixes for field issues reported by users, customers and Navico’s internal SQA teams.

Summary of Updates:

Triton² Digital Display 2.0-57.3.83


* Added support for the 2018 H5000 Software Update
* Added support for the new B&G Wind Sensors (WS310 and WS320)
* Added the ability to export the Autopilot Settings via a connected USB device
* Added the ability for data logging via a connected USB device for the NAC 2 & NAC 3 pilot computers
* Added Heel and Trim damping under the Damping menu
* Added the ability to view Tank level data when configured as a Water Tank


* Fixed the simulation setting to be retained through a power cycle (ideal for Retail / Demo situations)
* Correctly setting the Rudder Drive Engage setting in the H5000 Pilot computer

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Last UpdatedSeptember 6, 2018