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Triton Display Software Upgrade

Following a small number of reports that in certain circumstances the back light will turn off unexpectedly when the backlighting is set to low levels (level1 and 2). The latest software version eliminates this problem.

In addition, the following new features are added:

  • Improved compataibility with CZONE systems
  • Triton now compatible with AC70 auto pilot

Performing Software Updates

Software updates are performed using the SWUP PC tool. You will need the latest version of the SWUP tool to enable reprogramming of Triton. The tool can be found in the section 'Related Downloads', below. Please contact your service contact if you require assistance in obtaining SWUP or updating the software.

It is also possible to update Triton using the updater within Zeus MFD software versions and later.

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Last UpdatedMarch 24, 2017