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NAC-2 Software Update

NAC-2 Autopilot Computer powered from 24 VDC systems and with 12 V drive unit

According to earlier technical bulletin, we found an issue where NAC-2 did not reduce the 24 VDC supply voltage to 12 VDC although set to 12 VDC drive voltage.

The NAC-2 hardware has been modified and software version is now released, ensuring correct 12 V drive output.

Previous update: v1.0.02.00

  • No AP Computer Alarms. A fix for “No AP Computer Alarms” -- as seen occasionally on large NMEA 2000® networks -- has been implemented.
  • N2K Serial number. The N2K serial number will now match the sticker.


Not all installations will require this upgrade, please upgrade units if issues are experienced.

This upgrade does not require upgrade of the control units.

Software upgrade can be done from the Triton² using USB, MFD using the SD or microSD card slot, or by using the ST10 and swup tool software.

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Last UpdatedOctober 2, 2018
NAC2 v1.0.03.00Download