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H5000 Pilot Controller Software Upgrade

B&G is pleased to announce the arrival of the latest software suite for the H5000 Pilot system. The latest software package provides multiple new features, enhancements and fixes for field issues reported by users, customers and Navico’s internal SQA teams.

Following the success of the last Vendee Globe race, the H5000 Pilot Computer has been enhanced by the addition of failsafe sources and allowing the following variables to be outputted to the displays and for logging, giving the advanced user the ability to monitor and analyse individual elements of the Pilot setup.

Active Perf Mode
Gust Bear Away
TWS Bear Away
Heel Compensation
Pilot Net Course
Pilot Target Wind Angle
Pilot Weather Helm
Pilot Mean Heel

Summary of Updates:

H5000 Pilot Keypad


* Aligned the serial number and bar code for Navico’s NASA Service Tools


* Correctly setting the Rudder Drive Engage setting in the H5000 Pilot Computer

* Fixed an issue with displaying the waypoint name (if engaged in Nav Mode) when the number of characters exceeded 20 characters which could cause the Pilot Controller to restart.

Full release notes are available here.


Software upgrade installation steps can be found here.

Software updates are performed using the Navico SWUP PC tool. You will need the latest version of the SWUP tool to enable reprogramming of H5000. Please contact your service contact if you require assistance in obtaining SWUP or updating the software.

The latest software for the H5000 Pilot Controller provides several performance enhancements along with a collection of updates and fixes based on feedback from users.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the boat length value being entered greater than 35 meters.
  • Removed the alarm “High Internal Temperature” from the Pilot Keypad


  • Adjusted the internal timeout for alarms to match that used in other system components
  • Added the ability to select the Rudder Source from within the menu structure
  • Enabled user access to the installation menus while the Pilot is engaged
  • Increased the display timeout, if no buttons are pressed the unit will now return to the Pilot status page after 10 seconds
  • Removed the display timeout from the Tack / Gybe acknowledgment screen, allowing users to set up for a tack in advance
  • Enabled Non Follow Up (NFU) mode selection
  • Improved translations for non-English languages.

Following reliability engineering work with our Mechanical R&D and Production teams, we have identified improvements in the manufacturing process for the H5000 Pilot Keypad. These improvements were implemented into production units a few months ago and have shown themselves to be effective in the field. Any H5000 Pilot Keypad manufactured after the 19th August 2016 contains these design improvements. The unit packaging contains the date of manufacture printed on the label as shown below. Alternatively, the first serial number of the H5000 Pilot Keypad with these enhancements is 107213220.


  • Improved the low level NMEA 2000 handling, which in some intermittent circumstances could cause a “No Autopilot Computer” alarm to be raised. NOTE: “No Autopilot Computer” messages are raised when the regular “heartbeat” status message transmitted by the autopilot computer is not received at an individual display unit within the timeout period.

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