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H5000 Pilot Controller Software Upgrade

The latest software for the H5000 Pilot Controller provides several performance enhancements along with a collection of updates and fixes based on feedback from users.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the boat length value being entered greater than 35 meters.
  • Removed the alarm “High Internal Temperature” from the Pilot Keypad


  • Adjusted the internal timeout for alarms to match that used in other system components
  • Added the ability to select the Rudder Source from within the menu structure
  • Enabled user access to the installation menus while the Pilot is engaged
  • Increased the display timeout, if no buttons are pressed the unit will now return to the Pilot status page after 10 seconds
  • Removed the display timeout from the Tack / Gybe acknowledgment screen, allowing users to set up for a tack in advance
  • Enabled Non Follow Up (NFU) mode selection
  • Improved translations for non-English languages.

Software upgrade installation steps can be found in the 'H5000 CPU Installation Manual' beneath 'Download Instructions / Support Material' on this page.

Software updates are performed using the Navico SWUP PC tool. You will need the latest version of the SWUP tool to enable reprogramming of H5000. The tool can be found in the section 'Related Downloads', below. Please contact your service contact if you require assistance in obtaining SWUP or updating the software.

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Last UpdatedMarch 24, 2017