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H5000 Pilot Computer Software Update

Following reliability engineering work with our Mechanical R&D and Production teams, we have identified improvements in the manufacturing process for the H5000 Pilot Keypad. These improvements were implemented into production units a few months ago and have shown themselves to be effective in the field. Any H5000 Pilot Keypad manufactured after the 19th August 2016 contains these design improvements. The unit packaging contains the date of manufacture printed on the label as shown below. Alternatively, the first serial number of the H5000 Pilot Keypad with these enhancements is 107213220.


  • Improved the low level NMEA 2000 handling, which in some intermittent circumstances could cause a “No Autopilot Computer” alarm to be raised. NOTE: “No Autopilot Computer” messages are raised when the regular “heartbeat” status message transmitted by the autopilot computer is not received at an individual display unit within the timeout period.

Software upgrade installation instructions can be found in the 'H5000 CPU Installation Manual', linked below.

Software updates may be performed using the Navico SWUP PC tool. You will need the latest version of the SWUP tool to enable reprogramming of H5000. The tool can be found in the section 'Related Downloads', below. Please contact your service contact if you require assistance in obtaining SWUP or updating the software.

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Last UpdatedMarch 24, 2017
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