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H5000 Fastnet Interface Software Update

The latest software for the H5000 Fastnet Interface provides expanded system support and fixes for field issues reported by users, customers and Navico’s internal SQA teams.

Summary of Updates:

H5000 Fastnet Interface

Product Enhancements:

* Additional support for B&G H2000 systems, adds compatibility for H2000 Depth format

* H5000 Fastnet Interface is now officially compatible with H2000 and H3000 systems

This version fixes the following issues:

* Negative numbers from some H3000 functions were not output correctly to H5000 e.g. Mast Angle

* H3000 Heading data displayed on H5000 HV Displays (e.g. 20/20) could oscillate valid and invalid data

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Last UpdatedMay 3, 2018
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