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H5000 Barometric Pressure Sensor Software Update


B&G is pleased to announce the arrival of the latest software suite for the H5000 Instrument and Autopilot system. The latest software package provides multiple new features, enhancements and fixes for field issues reported by users, customers and Navico’s internal SQA teams.

Following on from the on-going success of H5000, B&G has further enhanced the system with the addition of following key features:

* Improved Wind algorithm

* Expansion True Wind correction tables

* Enhanced interpolation of correction table data (Cublic Splines)

* User renaming of Aft Depth to suit the installation

* Added the ability to commission the Autopilot from the H5000 Graphic Display

* Added additional damping controls to data variables

Full details of all changes / enhancements can be found in the H5000 RTM Software Release Notes which can be found here.

To allow full compatibility with this software suite, any connected Vulcan & Zeus MFDs require NOS 18.2 software.

This software update covers the following products:

H5000 CPU, H5000 Pilot CPU, H5000 Graphic Display, H5000 Race Display, H5000 Pilot Controller, HV Displays (all models), H5000 Analogue Expansion module, H5000 Serial Expansion module, H5000 Sensor modules (3D Motion, Alarm and Barometer)

H5000 Analogue Displays do NOT require an update, and the current production version will be fully compatible with this software upgrade.



  • Units now listen to the system maintenance mode message which is used while software updates are being performed.

Software upgrade installation steps can be found in the 'H5000 CPU Installation Manual' beneath 'Download Instructions / Support Material' on this page.

Software updates are performed using the Navico SWUP PC tool. You will need the latest version of the SWUP tool to enable reprogramming of H5000. The tool can be found in the section 'Related Downloads', below. Please contact your service contact if you require assistance in obtaining SWUP or updating the software.


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Last UpdatedSeptember 12, 2018
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