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Broadband 4G Radar Software Update

We are pleased to announce new software for the 4G Broadband Radar

MARPA: vector stability has been improved
MARPA: large vessel tracking has been fixed
MARPA: improved tracking performance, making the tracker capable of tracking vessels with sudden turns
MARPA: handling targets with wakes and/or noise has been improved
MARPA: improved the handling of target swap scenarios such as when a tracked vessel passes close to a marker buoy

Software compatibility
Following the improvements made to the 3G and 4G radars in October 2014, this software cannot be installed on to radars made prior to those changes

How to check you have a Post Oct 2014 Model

Check the serial number lable to confirm if your unit should use this software update.

Serial number will be in the format xxxx4xxxxx
Part, FCC ID, Model and IC will be in white text on a black background

We are pleased to offer a free software update to even further improve the outstanding performance of your Broadband 4G™ Radar. The new software allows you to make the most of wireless view and control with the GoFree Wireless system and further improves the features already included within this award-winning radar.

GoFree™ WIFI-1™

For wireless connectivity between Zeus Touch Multifunction Displays, tablets and smartphones, GoFree™ wireless offers boaters an exciting new level of navigational control.
Thanks to this free software upgrade, users can now enjoy wireless control of a number of features within their Broadband 4G Radar, when used alongside the WIFI-1™ module and a compatible multifunction display. These new features include setting radar guard zones and viewing radar information.


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Last UpdatedAugust 11, 2017
Post Oct 2014 Models: BRHD3G-3.3.17-BRHD4G-4.3.17-32968-r1-Standard-1.riwDownload 
Pre Oct 2014 Models: 4G Radar 4.1.57.zipDownload